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If you want to know what Create Yourself stands for, let me first tell you about how we got this idea. One day, all of a sudden, we realized that many impressive people, who are not connected, surround us. And then we thought, why don’t we just give them a chance to meet each other? Then we imagined how many fascinating initiatives and projects this group can do together and it was how we came up with Create Yourself. Create Yourself is a platform, where young, talented and creative people will be able to get to know each other, share their experiences and participate in joint projects, all around the world. In order to introduce our members, members will have an opportunity to introduce themselves by creating a short video. We are looking for these “Characters” to be involved – artists, musicians, filmmakers, scientists, young professionals – anyone who is ready to share their experiences and gain knowledge and ideas through these exchanges. A key aspect of this platform is that it must be not only about Azerbaijani youth but also for the intentional community. With this, we’re creating a basis for future joint projects, international seminars, workshops and training courses in a variety of fields through different outlets. Create Yourself is a platform open for everybody! If you’re interested and ready for a challenge, just contact us and to add a video clip about your or your friends and we will add it to our virtual media archive!
Join us!

Aygul Salehova is 21 years old. She is studying economics at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. Among other projects she is also a co-founder of a street theater group called “Baki Teatr Sexi”. Through her work she is having a very active social life. We hope you enjoy this video clip.


Thanks to Azad Heydarov + friends for the video clip.



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