Poetry Slam Baku

As most of you know, Poetry Slam Baku 2015-2016 event did not pass without interesting topic. Because each conference had its own psychic (psycho), we decided to publish a “Poetry Slam Baku” anthology without separating Poetry Slam Baku into sections.

There are opinions and poets of participants and guests and pictures from the event in the anthology which is introduced by Sayko Kafedra Production. You can get our posters too.

The preparation of anthology was a invisible part of an iceberg that we melt them down, and the visible part of an iceberg is a certain money that is needed for the print of the anthology.

If you think that money regulates the world, visit our kickstarter account, or if you think the vice versa again visit our account and show that all goods of the world will stay in the world.

As it was said in one of the Azerbaijani proverbs: “Closed trade damages a friendship”. It means that we mentioned money we need for the project in the website in advance.


We rely on your financial aid for this project and each of your financial investment is a step on the way for the print of this antology.



Kicstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/58415606/poetry-slam-baku-almanac-is-about-5-poetry-slams-b/description

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