Sexy Sunday Swimmers Challenge

Have you heard of European Film College (EFC)? EFC ia Danish high school based in Ebeltoft, Denmark that offers 8 1/2 month programme covering the fields of script-writing, cinematography, sound, acting, lighting, directing, editing, documentary and producing.

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Well, now I know it because last Sunday I accidentally saw a video on youtube – the school’s students were going to swim in the sea on a cold November Sunday with their coffee and cakes. They call it “The challenge”.

As I discovered over the Skype interview, this is a weekly Sunday ritual since the beginning of their school year (September 2015!).

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And they will keep on doing it until the end of their education year (May 2016) and share one video every week on their Challenge’ FB page.

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Why on Sundays? They say it is more fun to do it on Sundays as then Mondays are not so tough anymore, plus, it is a crazily fun and healthy activity to engage friends and colleagues.Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-10 um 22.44.59

Through sharing their experience they want to challenge other students and art collectives from all around world to join them. Actually as I understand all people are welcome!

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For more information follow this hashtag #SSSWW #SexySundaySwimmers and FB page of the challenge:

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